Frenatae is a non-profit organization, and all of our outreach events are planned and run entirely by student volunteers. Individual presenters do not personally profit from any of Frenatae-sponsored outreach activities. We do suggest a minimum donation of $25 per event, which will be funneled back into the organization and spent entirely on the maintenance of our live insect colonies and the purchasing of other materials that we can use for future outreach activities.

If you are located outside of the Twin Cities and request that we visit your institution, we also request that you cover the cost of our travel at the standard University of Minnesota rate of $0.575 cents/mile. This will enable us to bring our presentations to locations that would otherwise be infeasible for us to visit.

However, Frenatae is dedicated to bringing entomology education to everyone, and that includes institutions that may not be able to cover these suggested fees. If you have concerns about the cost of our outreach services, please contact us ([email protected]) to discuss other options. We are willing to reduce or waive fees for institutions with demonstrable financial need.

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