Our Public Outreach Program

Public Outreach Opportunities

Community outreach is an integral part of Frenatae’s mission statement, and our members are dedicated to sharing our knowledge and passion for entomology with the greater Minnesota community. To this end, we have developed a very active public education program that aims to bring entomology to schools, museums, and other educational institutions or events. We pride ourselves on our dynamic and engaging presentations, which use a combination of public lectures, hands-on activities, and live arthropod demos to showcase the wonderful diversity of insects and their kin to audiences of all ages. In the past year, our student volunteers have given presentations at K-12 schools throughout the Twin Cities, as well as at the Bell Museum of Natural History, the Minnesota State Fair, and many other venues.

If you are interested in having us come to your institution or event, please send us an email at [email protected]. We have many presentations on a wide variety of topics, including insect diversity, insect communication, pollinators, and spider biology. However, we are also willing to tailor our presentations to meet the needs of your individual event. We have extensive experience working with audiences of all ages (from preschoolers to senior citizens) and all education levels. In exchange for our services, we do ask for a small donation, which will help ensure that we can continue to grow our program and provide fun and informational presentations for years to come. See below for more information. Frenatae does not book private, non-educational parties.

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